Turre spent €110k on fixing a fountain and building a concrete milk bottle

Turre, which is one of Spain’s top 100 most in debt towns, has built a sort of milkbottle at the entrance to the village and cleaned / repaired the main fountain.

This has cost the taxpayer about €110,000, which seems a tad excessive.

Turre new tower budget

€52394.05 for the fountain in the main square, €42807.60 for the tower and Turre sign, and €12724.32 on the streetlamp to illuminate it.

I imagine most of the €42807.60 went on the daft marble Turre sign, since the tower itself (built on a bit of earth that doesn’t look like it will survive very many gota frias) is extruded cement with the decoration pressed into the surface. The town budget is silent on this question.

Turre, by the way, at the beginning of this year, still owed €7.361.000 to banks and unpaid bills, or about €1,900 per resident.

That’s over one million euros MORE than at the beginning of 2012, when it only owed €6.126.000.

Meaning the town is going even deeper into bankruptcy…. do we really need to increase the debt by 0.014% just for a tower and a clean fountain?

In case you’re wondering “why a tower?”… I assume it’s because the name “Turre” is believed to come from “Turris”, the Spanish medieval Latinate for a watchtower.

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