Zaragoza FC admits match fixing

Footballer Gabi Fernández has confessed to police that Zaragoza FC paid Levante FC players over a million euros in 2011 to throw a critical match, thus avoiding relegation.

The scandal has shocked Spanish football, as the 2011 Zaragoza – Levante match is well remembered for Gabi’s amazing two goals that saved the day, and turned the fortunes of Zaragoza FC around that year.

Gabi also got transferred to Atlético de Madrid on the back of this showing, and is currently the Captain of Atlético de Madrid.

Zaragoza FC is accused by fiscal police of paying a dozen Levante players €120,000 each in cash to throw the match and is currently the subject of a major investigation by the fiscal police and the anti-corruption prosecutor. When Gabi was presented with the evidence, he decided to admit it all.

Ex-owner Agapito Iglesias, who also declared yesterday to the police for his part in the scandal, said he was relaxed about the situation and expected it all to be cleared up soon. It’s just a misunderstanding he smiled at reporters. Whether he’s still smiling is unknown…

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