Junta decides to teach homeless immigrants about “homosexual reality in modern society”

The Junta de Andalucia has provided €68,000 to teach homeless immigrants across Almería about “the reality of homosexuality in modern society”.

Emilio de Llera, Andalucian Minister for Justice, said that the programme aimed to “teach the immigrant community about the realities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual communities”.

One assumes that if you’re an illegal immigrant living in a squat behind the El Ejido greenhouses, homophobia isn’t the first of your many concerns, but hey.

It’s part of a series of grants being giving to 14 immigrant associations which aims to help recently arrived non-Europeans “adapt” to the modern muticultural society that is Spain. Other, slightly more worthy programmes, include teaching immigrant women about their female rights, sexual abuse counselling, and teaching medial professionals about immigrants needs.

Officially, over 20% of Almería’s society was born outside of Spain.

In other news: a woman in Almería has been sentenced to six months in jail for telling everyone her ex-boyfriend was gay, and setting up a series of fake social media accounts in which her ex- was purported to be “cruising for lads” to back up the story. Maybe she should attend this course?

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