Chief Justice says: no more home demolitions in Almeria

The senior Judge of Almería province, Luis Columna, has said that the Judges of Almería do not want to order any more home demolitions in the province, and will do everything possible to prevent being forced to give out any more demolition orders.

The comments came today after being interviewed about yesterdays shock decision to award five British families “moral damages” against the townhall of Albox.

Judge Luis said he wanted to send out a message to the British community that the Spanish Justice system was with them, and that the Judges of Almeria “were not up to the task of ordering more demolitions”.

He explains that when homes were built on special exclusion zones then demolition had to happen, but in all other cases, the general feeling amongst judges was that the homes could stay, especially after President Susana’s announcement that she planned to change the law to permit most of them.

He also warned that a huge raft of complaints against illegal homes was being prepared – he gave the example of 98 homes in El Romeral, Antas, Albox, which the Public Prosecutor is preparing – and that the Junta de Andalucia should “get a move on” with the modification of the law in order to prevent the courts being clogged up with these cases.

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