Paul McCartney to play Almería? The Mayor is hoping so!

The Mayor of Almería has admitted his office is working on bringing Paul McCartney to Almería in 2016 to celebrate the 50 years since John Lennon came to film here.

“With patience and good planning anything can be achieved” said Mayor Rodrigo during an interview on local radio, confessing that a plan is being drawn up.

He refused to say if his office had held any talks with the singer about the possibility.

Paul has never actually been to Almería, although John Lennon has. Paul was planning to drive down to Almería to meet up with John in 1966, but his car broke down in Huelva and he never got here. John, it is rumoured, instead sat in his hotel room bored, and wrote Strawberry Fields instead. (Others reckon he wrote it in Huelva, where there actually are strawberries. Hmmm…)

There’s a statue in Almería commemorating the event. Hey, if we can pretend that Walt Disney was born here…

John Lennon. Defacing the statue is a popular pasttime here.

In a bizarre comment which I noted, it was suggested during the interview that John would also like to come to Almeria because “he is a militant vegetarian and would be interested in our fruit greenhouses”. Whaaaaaat?

The Almería townhall is currently slapping themselves on their respective backs over the Schwarzenegger visit this weekend. Arnie later tweeted:

Almería got one tweet. Alfons Schubeck’s kitchen during Oktoberfest got what, three? Ah well.

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