Municipal Dog Pound closed after environmental police damming report

The municipal dog pound of Velez Rubio has been “urgently” closed by the Mayor after a spot inspection by Seprona, the environmental police, found “appalling and inhumane” conditions at the place.

Seprona has filed a criminal complaint against the town for the condition of the pound. Dogs were found to be ill treated, starving, dead and rotting animals in pens, some of which were being eaten by other starving dogs, and an abundance of parasitic insects.

The installation had no onsite vet contracted, no medicines and no first aid kit, although it did have an ample supply of tranquillisers, which police vets suspect were used to illegally put down animals.

The Mayor said he is shocked and has opened an immediate investigation into what the opposition have called a “truly Dantesque version of canine hell”.

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