Huercal Overa hospital sees all its surgeries closed – for good?

It seems that Huercal Overa Hospital is being turned into nothing more than a massive ward, as it hasn’t performed any surgeries for the last three months; and surgeons aren’t expected to return for the rest of this year.

The PP have tabled a question in the regional parliament asking if the Andaluz Health Service intends to reopen the surgeries, which have been closed over the summer, in the new year, but no response has been given yet.

As a result, anyone needing an operation has to go to Almeria or El Ejido hospitals, but health unions are warning that waiting lists are soaring as a result, as the two hospitals there are also understaffed.

In other health news, a further 30 beds have been decommissioned at Huercal Overa hospital as a cost cutting measure.

Massive, yet secret, cuts to the regional health service means Andalusia now has the longest waiting lists of any Spanish region, and Almería has the fewest hospital beds per head of population in the region.

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