Mojácar gets a new town plan PGOU

A new town plan for Mojácar has been rushed through the last council meeting, which meant opposition councillors only had a week to study it before having to vote aye or nay.

The current townplan dates from 1987 (27 years old!) so a few extra weeks wouldn’t have mattered.

You can download the whole plan from here.

(In the process, as Manuel Zamora pointed out, they didn’t have time to work out which councillor was reclassifying his / her land to be buildable. He believes at least two ruling councillors have managed to get vast swathes of their land classified as buildable, which means in the future they can build massive amounts and retire happy).

Anyway, the main points:

The “historic centre” becomes the nerve centre of a “new dynamic compact city, functional and economically diverse” blah blah blah in the words of the Mayor. Rosmari also points out that the “historic centre” (she means the bit on the hill) is seeing a net loss of population and this will help bring life back to the village that she killed off. She’s making the old town the “Area of Centrality” (her words), which it seems means bringing even more services from the coast back up the hill.

New roads and tracks join the coast to the village, but no bypass or expansion of the main road is contemplated. Instead you will have to drive up, then back down again. From a quick glance at the plans, it seems she’s planning on expanding the already existing backroad behind the petrol station.

An industrial park has been pencilled in, but nowhere near the main road (it seems it’s half way along the Playa) not is it near the projected industrial park behind Garrucha, which means it’s a waste of time.

Opening “urban spaces” to the wild interior natural land (presumably so someone can build on it).

A new alternative façade, whatever that means, to complement the coast. Maybe she’s going to authorise a bunch of tower blocks around Lenox’s house?

New general installations are contemplated, such as a new bus station, medical centre, police station and bin areas. I’m willing to bet that’s all going into the village….


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