Cajamar, a flipping useless bank which takes delight in trapping the unwary

Cajamar appears to a have an official policy of putting little traps in the path of the unwary financial traveller.

For example, I recently signed a zero commission agreement with them for cheques. Everytime I pay a cheque into the company account, they used to charge €1, but this got rid of it. Fair enough.

But, they keep taking the €1 out of the account for each cheque, and returning it a week later or so. They explained to me that it’s company policy and they can’t change this. Sometimes they forget, so I have to keep a list of all these to see which haven’t been reimbursed and then complain over the counter. More than anything else it is an annoyance in my daily life. Eventually I wrote a script to do it for me, which is easier, but why should I have to go to all this trouble?

Basically, they want to keep my €1 for a week or so. If they do this for every business customer, then it’s a nice little free loan they have. I wonder how many tens of thousands of cheques they have floating through their system at any one time?

Anyway, seeing as they have a customer service rep on twitter, I asked him/her, and got… well, fobbed off and then ignored. Lovely. I thought the first rule of social marketing online was not to aggrieve the customer any more?

And then… silence. No reply. How rude.

Quite what my question was if not “duda sobre operativa  y servicios e informar sobre condiciones de productos” I don’t know. I suppose the rest of them are just as bad…

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