Arnold Schwarzenegger comes back to Almería and new Cohen film here

Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Almería this 28th of September to accept a honorific prize presented to him by the Almeria film festival, and to unveil a Hollywood-esque star put into the Almería pavement for him.

He was last here 33 years ago, when he filmed Cohen the barbarian here.

The Hollywood pavement star is being put into the grandiosely named Paseo de las Estrellas de la Ciudad de Almeria. I’d never heard of the thing, but apparently you can also see the names of Eduardo Fajardo; Omar Shariff; Denniss Odell; & Max Von Sydow.

At the same time, the announcement that a new Cohen the Barbarian film is to be shot in the province in 2015. Fredrick Malmberg is the Producer of The Legend of Cohen, the third in the series, and he will be with Arnold looking at shooting locations.

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