Andalucia tells Israel to get out of Palestine and honour its international commitments

Resolution nº33 of the Andalusian Parliament after the Debate on the State of the Region, published today:

The Andalusian Parliament, in coherence with the expressed in the Institutional Declaration 9-14/DI-000007, on the Palestinian People, approved in session of the Permanent Deputation of the Andalusian Parliament on the 23rd of July 2014, with the motive of the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, urge our governing body to urge our Central Government of the Kingdom of Spain to demand that Israel obeys the requirements of the United Nations, the absolute respect of the Human Rights of the Palestinian men and women, the absolute respect of the collective rights of the Palestinian people, the principle of return of the people and communities to their lands and homes from which they were expelled, and the recognition of the Palestinian State, as well as as the competent International Authorities the opening of procedures to clear up and judge those acts that, during the previous belligerent aggression perpetrated by the State of Israel against the Palestine People, may have broken any international agreement or treaty on human rights during a state of war. We also congratulate the response of the Andaluz cooperation, which acted sending humanitarian aid during the recent crisis from the first weeks of the aggression, and we insist the our ruling body evaluates the possibilities of sending extraordinary aid destined to help the reconstruction of the destroyed zones.

That’ll having them quaking in their boots in Tel Aviv….

The resolution was proposed by the IU and passed by all groups, in case you’re interested.

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