Torrecardenas Hospital in lockdown against suspected Ebola case

A suspected Ebola case has activated the isolation unit at Torrecardenas Hospital.

A 36 year old man returned from his native Guinea with a high fever, and visited his GP in Roquetas del Mar yesterday. The doctor immediately suspected Ebola and activated the emergency protocol. A prepared ambulance then rushed the man to Torrecardenas, the only hospital in the province with an isolation wing. Only trained doctors wearing disposable isolation suits have access to the man.

Medical technicians from the regional Health ministry have visited his family and anyone he has been in contact with, warning them to contact doctors at once if they start to run a fever.

Samples from the man have been sent to Madrid’s Carlos III university hospital for analysis, and a report is expected back shortly.

LATER: Turned out he had malaria. We can all relax. Well, not him, obviously, but the rest of us can.

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