Spanish Navy mapping Almerias’ seabed ahead of maneouvers in Vera

The entire Hydrographic  Flotilla of the Spanish Navy (3 ships and an escort) are off the coasts of Almería updating their charts of the seabed. They’ll be there for up to a month. There are also a number of smaller launches mapping inlets and river mouths.

The Malaspina (pictured above) is mapping depths between Almeria and Murcia.

The Antares is mapping the seabed between Almería and Motril.

And the Tofiño is mapping the Alboran sea between Roquetas del Mar and Alborán Island.

After their works has been completed, a combined Navy / Army operation called “Noble Mariner 14” will take place in the Golf of Cádiz and the Golf of Vera.

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