Mojacar lift “a scam, a waste of money, a white elephant”

Well, duh.

Anyway, the PSOE in Mojacar have filed an official complaint about Mojácar’s new lift, which doesn’t actually work.

It keeps breaking down, it’s capacity had to be reduced from 13 occupants to 9, and a young chap in a hat has been employed to prevent any more than 9 people getting on at a time.

Warning! Any more than 9 people in this massive lift and you’re stuck until the chap with the hammer can be found!

I’ve been on it a couple of times, it’s quite exciting. The risk of being locked in there until Monday morning just adds to the fun. That and the fact that the top entrance is still half built, and seems from below to be propped up by some pallets.

Quite a few people have been trapped in it, I understand, and it hasn’t worked properly since it was installed. Nobody has complained before now, I assume, because it was summer – now we’re in September, everybody can start thinking about work again.

The lift had an initial budget of €377.910, although there was a budget overrun of €50,000 because they forgot to budget for a toilet and a handrail in the project.

Manuel Zamora for the PSOE party asked why the current Administration can’t seem to get anything built that works, pointing out that the new underground carpark that cost a million leaks like a sieve when it rains.

On a related note, they seem to have installed some new benches on the mirador, despite the fact the building is quite quickly collapsing and was recently described as a death trap.

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  1. This lift is tremendous. I simply cannot understand why the Pueblo failed to do this before now. My parents always had a holiday home here, from 1970’s so I have been coming here since then. There have been so many tourists and others since that time who have not gone up to the Pueblo to spend their money in shops and restaurants as they simply couldn’t face the climb up there, particular in the summer heat.
    I have heard that the lift has broken down a few times-suggest you keep fixing it or upgrade to a better model as this is an important facility if you wish the prosperity of this beautiful village to continue.

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