Mojacar lift “a scam, a waste of money, a white elephant”

Well, duh. Anyway, the PSOE in Mojacar have filed an official complaint about Mojácar’s new lift, which doesn’t actually work. It keeps breaking down, it’s capacity had to be reduced from 13 occupants to 9, and a young chap in a hat has been employed to prevent any more than 9 people getting on at a time. I’ve been on it a couple of times, it’s quite exciting. The risk of being locked in there Continue reading Mojacar lift “a scam, a waste of money, a white elephant”

Andalucian tax minister stole 33 million via false training contracts he authorised

Ángel Ojeda, who used to be Minister for taxation in the Junta de Andalucia, has been charged with defrauding some €33.309.789,16 (don’t forget the 16 cents!) by approving grants to his own companies for training and employment purposes. He never, it seems, trained or employed anyone. The grants were issued between August 2009 and December 2013, and the scam was uncovered by Judge Alaya’s investigation. It’s sordid reading, find the whole story here.

Spain drops abortion reform law

The controversial abortion law that would have sent Spain back to the days of Franco has been dropped. PM Rajoy’s office has admitted that due to lack of internal consensus it’s unlikely to be passed in this legislature and can be considered shelved. It’s a humiliating blow to the extreme conservative wing of the PP, under Justice Minister Alberto Gallardon (he used to be Mayor of Madrid), but Spain has united in defence of women’s Continue reading Spain drops abortion reform law