Anger over rubbish English on Almeria city signs

There’s been some outrage about the new city tourism information signs installed across Almería, which use a rather substandard quality of English.

Some signs have pretty basic spelling mistakes – “Chatedral” will eventually take you to the Cathedral.

Cathy what now?

moorish fortress is another unpopular one.

The authorities also haven’t bothered to be consistent in naming landmarks and historic buildings, meaning anybody trying to find a place from a guidebook would be hopelessly lost.

For example, the main church, the Iglesia de la Virgen del Mar, has been signposted as the “Church of the Virgin of the Sea”. Try finding that in your guidebook, Other places, such as Parroquia de San Pedro, just appears as “San Pedro Church”.

This is what happens when you try to use google translate for official signs, eh? Or as Ideal newspaper puts it, Almería doesn’t get past saying yesverigüel.

Even if the townhall didn’t have €50 for a translator (google is free!) then they could have put the signs up on their facebook page for feedback.

For those of you taking notes at home, the cost to the municipal coffers for the new signs was €37,752.

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