45 air staff court martialled for pretending to move home

A fun little court martial is underway of 45 members of the Air Ministry.

The naughty little airmen had been filing fake expenses for pretending to move home, and pocketing the cash. They got up to 4,000€ a piece.

Lieutenant David Hernández Calet was the ringleader, and used his position in the admin staff to sign off on the fake expenses, in exchange for a 25% cut.

An Air Commander, 20 Capitans, 18 Lieutenants and six Sergeants have all been charged in the case.

The scam was uncovered after an error was made on a false invoice. When an admin assistant called the moving company to check, he discovered the invoice was a forgery and the moving company had not carried out any work.

The military imposes punishments of up to 10 years in a military jail for frauds of this nature, notes El Mundo.

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