Russia trying to buy our tomatos through the back door

In a lovely case of having your cake and eating it, La Voz has discovered that a number of local farmers are trying to break EU imposed sanctions on Russia by selling their fruit & veg via third party countries.

The last round of EU sanctions have hard hit local farmers, as it means they can’t fulfil orders already placed, and don’t have an outlet for their fruit and veg. The farmers claim this means millions of euros of food will be destroyed as it can’t be sold this season.

The EU has already approved a large amount of cash to offset the damage – Brussels will buy the produce and then use it in government catering across the EU. Schools, the poor, etc.

However, according to La Voz, a number of Russian firms have setup offices in countries not subject to the sanctions – Israel and Belorussia mainly – to continue buying our veg.

The farmers ship the veg to these countries, from which it is exported again to Russia.

It’s huge business in Israel – according to Russian Customs, Israel flogged 240 million dollars of veg to Russia last year, of which about 100 million worth was purchased elsewhere and just shipped direct to Russia with a stopover in Tel Aviv (or whereever).

It would of course be illegal to do this knowing what’s going to happen, or receiving the roubles. But if you’re cashing the cheque in sheckels, who’s going to argue?

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  1. And why not! Anyway I thought it was the Russians who imo
    posed sanctions on EU food purchases not the EU banning the sale.
    So the only one getting miffed about this would be Adolf Putin

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