Savage rise in cost of electricty on way warns FACUA

We can expect to see some savage rises in the cost of electricity before the end of the year warns consumer organisation FACUA. You see, we all know about the fuss earlier this year with the electric companies keeping the price artificially high. The government was forced to act due to public outrage (and the threat of an EU investigation), and prices dropped, ever so slightly.

Local fury over new TV drama set in Almeria’s greenhouses

Antena 3 TV has announced a new national drama series to be set in the greenhouses of Almería, but the local farmers have united to demanded it be scrapped amid fears it may “bring the industry into disrepute”. Demonstrations and legal challenges to follow! Well, quite. If anyone actually sees what goes on inside those greenhouses – a level of slavery, sexism and racial oppression not seen since the cotton picking days of the US Continue reading Local fury over new TV drama set in Almeria’s greenhouses

Bornos rips off Almeria feria poster

Feria posters are big business in Spain. People collect them, they’re massive, gaudy and usually designed by members of the public in big competitions. Which is plagiarism is rife in the industry, and people love trying to catch copycats. It’s so much easier to photocopy some other poster, change the name of the town, and see if you win the €500 (or whatever). Usually, when such a theft is found, a ritual humiliation of the Continue reading Bornos rips off Almeria feria poster