Clavius film director looking to hire a thousand extras for massive Tabernas battle

Kevin Reynolds, the US film director who is shooting part of his bible era crime thriller “Clavius” here in the province (dropping 6 million euros into the local economy in the process) has gone back to the golden years of hollywood and wants to hire over a thousand extras for a massive battle scene in Tabernas.

Sorry, two enormous battle scenes.

Casting is between the 25 & 28th of September in the Moises Ruiz sports centre in Almeria city.

In all, 1,500 short term jobs will be generated by the film.

Most of the film is being shot in Malta, but the desert scenes are being shot in Almeria, as well as using the old city walls & Alcalzaba as a backdrop.

The plot of Clavius seems a little complex, with La Voz being a bit vague on the details: something about Calvius,a Roman detective (played by Joseph Fiennes) receiving a secret mission from Pontius  Pilate to find the body of Jesus Christ to prevent rumblings from the Jews.

The really good news, from what I can see, is that the production company is picking up all the rubbish and illegal tips from the back of the old wall, which the townhall and Junta have been refusing to do for the last few years. About time too.

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