AVE train promises ahead of elections

The local PP party is jubilant at the news that a section of high speed railway between Almeria and Murcia looks set to be contracted out by next year.

The abandoned railway, which has cost the state over a billion euros (the tunnels and all), has been sitting mouldering in the sun for the last few years after the cash ran out. Earlier this year, ADIF, the railways operator, ordered the tunnels to be sealed to save having to pay a watchman to keep the kids out.

Anyway, earlier in the year the chamber of commerce staged a series of protests demanding to know a new timetable for the AVE work to recommence, and have finally got an answer: Madrid is working on contracting out a piece of the work before the next election.

Appearing on this site is the closest this train will ever get to Almeria...
Appearing on this site is the closest this train will ever get to Almeria…



The section will be only one rail instead of the previously planned two way rail warns Fomento, but something is something.

And they’re only looking at contracting out one little bit of the line, probably the Murcia – Cartagena bit.

Still, it brings it a bit closer to Almeria.

Fomento and ADIF have said not to expect any announcement until early next year… which will be just before the May elections?

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