The importance of a good proofreader

There are two famous philosophers called Bacon in English history. Friar Roger Bacon (1214-1294) and Francis Bacon (1561-1626).

Roger wrote the first encyclopaedia and promoted the Scientific Method, for which he got into trouble with the Pope.

Francis, no lesser a genius, rather confusingly continued with the Scientific Method and introduced the scientific revolution into England.

They tend to get confused. Here’s  a good quote from from a 1922 edition and reprint of Inquisitor Daza’s 1623 treatise “Use of eyeglasses” (Uso de los anteojos), an important Spanish word on optics, in which the Professor who is writing the introduction talks briefly about previous experiments: (page 21)

ROGER (ROGELIO) BACON, English monk born in 1214 in Ilford, known as Doctor Miralibilis, [chased by the Pope, etc etc] and who retired to the county of Somerset where he died in 1694 [..] his work opus major was written in 1267 and published by JEBB in LONDON in 1733..

Methinks the good Professor was writing this after a glass of the old vino and possibly his finger kept slipping between the two entries in the reference book: BACON, FRANCISCO & BACON, ROGELIO….

Who needs proofreaders, eh?

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