Cajamar cashier who stole 154.124€ from clients “almost” sent to jail

A female Cajamar cashier who stole 154.124€ from the accounts of 20 different clients between 2006 and 2010 has been sentenced to 21 months jail for the crime.

She’s also been fined 2€ a day for 6 months (errrr….. 365€? That doesn’t seem much).

Of course, reading between the lines, if you have a clean record, you don’t normally go to jail if the sentence is under 2 years – it’s usually suspended (except for violence, terrorism, etc etc or if you’ve got up the Judge’s nose).

Anway, M.A.B.B. returned 70.149€ to Cajamar when she was caught.

So by my calculations, although she’s out of a job, she’s 83.610€ up on the deal.

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