Vera town secretary earns more than President Rajoy

The Secretary of Vera townhall is on a higher wage than President Rajoy of Spain, according to leaked figures.

Rajoy is being paid €78.185,04 this year.

Chummy from Vera (his name wasn’t published) is on a base salary of €72.470,32, plus a €6.000 “productivity” bonus. Meaning he’ll earn €285.28 more than President Rajoy this year.

The average annual Spanish salary, by the way, is just €22.790, or about €1.300 a month after tax. (Not round here it isn’t!).

The Secretary is an important figure in any townhall: they’re a Civil Servant (funcionario) whose job it is to advise the politicians on the correct procedures to follow. So getting them to sign off on anything is a good way for a politician to cover his or her back (because they can just shrug and say they were following procedures, all nice and legal, even if they were technically breaking a few laws). And since the Secretary is a funcionario they can’t technically be fired….. Understand this particular little circle of life?


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