20,000 illegal home amnesty to be overturned – no photo of King on wall

On the 9th of July, in a fiercely fought battle, the government of the Balearic Isles voted in a landmark amnesty for 20,000 illegal homes across the islands.

The vote was forced through, and bitterly opposed by the opposition, ecologist groups and the national government.

Well, the opposition have spotted a loophole and lodged an appeal to have the Constitutional Court overturn the vote – because the voting chamber didn’t have the official photo of King Felipe VI on the wall, only the old one of Juan Carlos.

A few days before, King Felipe had ascended to the Throne and a new national law ordered that all schools, courts, parliaments and places of official business display his official Portrait. Sadly, the Balearic Isles hadn’t received their copy by the 9th, so still had the old one of his father hanging up.

This could be enough, according to Constitutional Experts, to have all votes passed in the chamber at this time be annulled… including the amnesty.

But President Salom of the Balearic Isles had already thought of this, and claims her solution was sufficient. You see, spotting the problem, she’d printed out a copy of the official Portrait that she’d found through Google on her office printer, stuck it into a frame, and put it on her desk, replacing the one of her family.

If the appeal goes through, the highest court in the land will be ruling on whether a photo of the King is more important than the democratic process and 20,000 homes……

We’re at a point where you honestly don’t know if I’m making this stuff up or not, aren’t we?

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