Judge investigates why Tarragona men are “firing blanks” in the pants department

Men from Tarragona (tarraconenses) have the worst semen in Spain, and a Judge has decided to find out why (after much prodding).

It’s believed that the heavy industry and decades of pollution have left 53% of all tarraconenses with damaged sperm, as measured by the WHO regulations on such matters.

Environmental group L’Escurçó filed a complaint back in 2010, and it’s twice been filed away by Judges who ruled that it wasn’t within their jurisdiction, but a third appeal has succeeded after backing from the Public Prosecutor.

The Judge has ordered the environmental wing of the Guardia Civil to submit a report on all heavy and polluting industries in the area and investigate any potential illegal pollution issues.

Fun facts time! tarraconenses have an average of 65 million sperm per millilitre, against men from A Coruña who have 91 million. And only 6% of tarraconenses have sperm which can be described as “lively”.

Catalans are annoyed at the allegations.

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