Roquetas shell garage selling most expensive fuel in Spain!

The Shell garage in Roquetas del Mar is selling the most expensive fuel in Spain, according to a survey by consumer organisation OCU (here).

The average price for fuel at the Shell is over 13% more expensive than the national average.

The cheapest stations are all up in the godforsaken empty northern barrens of Spain.

Online services such as will tell you the daily price of fuel in all the stations in your area, it’s often worth shopping around.

Here’s the full list (the % is the difference from the national average as calculated by the OCU).

Las 10 más baratas de España

1. Agropienso en Esplús (Huesca) -9,91%

2. Orangután en Monzón (Huesca) -9,74%

3. Bonarea en Fraga (Huesca) -9,70%

4.Bonarea en Binefar (Huesca) -9,67%

5. Bonarea en Bujaraloz (Zaragoza) -9,51%

6. Simply en Burlada (Navarra) -9,32%

7. Simply en Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza) -9,12%

8. San Antonio en Alagón (Zaragoza) -8,63%

9. TGT en Tudela (Navarra) -8,26%

10. Sancho Abarca en Tauste (Zaragoza) -8,25%

Las 10 más caras de España

1. Shell en Roquetas de Mar (Almería) +13,04%

2. Olicum en Cumbres Mayores (Huelva) +8,64%

3. Condis en Banyoles (Gerona) +8,18%

4. Top Oil en El Picazo (Cuenca) +7,95%

5. Repsol en Mahón (Baleares) +7,52%

6. Repsol en Ciutadella de Menorca (Baleares) +6,93% 

7. Repsol en Marratxinet (Baleares) +6,56%

8. Repsol en Pollença (Baleares) +6,54%

9. BP en Ciutadella de Menorca (Baleares) +6,46%

10. Repsol en Capdepera (Baleares) +6,40%

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