Mojacar coppers ordered to issue 5 times as many fines as before

The townhall of Mojacar has a plan to rack in the fines, by ordering the coppers to fine and fine and fine any poor sod with a wallet.

This is now official Mojacar policy, after the town budget was spotted to allow for a five fold increase in fines over 2012 levels.

Some numbers via and UM, the opposition party:

In 2012 the budget expected fines totalling 65,000€ to be issued. In reality, 457.000€ worth of fines were issued, of which 190.000€ were collected.

In 2013, the budget expected 200,000€ worth of fines, police actually issued 385.000€.

And in 2014, the budget expects 385.000€ worth of fines, meaning the real amount (extrapolating from previous years) will be over half a million euros.

That’s a five fold increase in two years.

Union Mojaquero, the political party, says that this is the real reason behind the ridiculous fines levied recently (500€ for drinking water on the beach, anyone?) and that the Mayor is turning her police force into a revenue generating machine.

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