Now you can be fined 601€ EACH for drinking at home in Mojacar!

A group of youths have been fined 601€ EACH for quietly drinking and playing cards at their apartment in Mojacar.

As if the stupid fine of 500€ each levied recently against some youths for drinking water on Mojacar beach wasn’t bad enough, the local police have surpassed themselves and gone into a private apartment to fine a group of youths for drinking at home.

According to the complaint filed by the lawyer for the youths, the group were in their apartment when, shortly before midnight, they were visited by a local police patrol. The police explained that the youths were playing music and told them to switch it off, as silence is to be observed in Mojacar between the hours of 10pm and 8am.

The youths switched off the music and continued to play cards.

20 minutes later, the patrol appeared again, and without permission, went into the apartment to count heads and issued a fine of 601 euros per person, again using the local bylaw stating that any group of people together at night drinking is illegal.

The fine does not state that any noise violation was being infringed, nor that any neighbour had complained. It simply says that a group of youths were congregated together, drinking.

The youths have filed a complaint prior to contesting the fines in the courts.

La Voz contacted Mayor Rosmari who initially said she knew nothing about the incident, but supported her officers. She added that the townhall had received complaints of 16 people occupying 4 bed apartments, and that her officers had been ordered to crackdown on short term rental flats occupied by “the young”.

One Reply to “Now you can be fined 601€ EACH for drinking at home in Mojacar!”

  1. The mayor of mojacar is a very sad lady who obviously is not a happy person …… She intent on ruining people’s holiday
    The poor lads who’s money she stole 601 euros for playing cards was probably there hard earned savings for there holiday which
    She was happy to ruin and everyone else fun in mojacar ……… The holiday makers are bringing money into mojacar but she’s so thick to even understand that………….. She is a miserable woman with a miserable life so she thinks everyone else should be too.
    To fine 600 euros for drinking water shows how sad this woman is …. She has no right to run this town ……. She is out to destroy it like she has her own life ………… The sooner she is out of office the quicker mojacar will prosper ……… Vote her out

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