Santiago fiesta next week in Turre

It’s what used to be known as the gitano fiesta, but has now been re-branded as the Fiestas de Santiago el Apostol in an attempt to market it to the guiris.

When we were kids we weren’t welcomed up there, but times have changed, and no gitano is too proud to strum his guitar for a lovely lady, or if no lovely lady is around, some daft yet wealthy tourists.

You’ll hear the caterwauling of the flamenco all night long next week – flamenco isn’t something the natives round here know much about, despite Polansky’s delusions about his workers in the 80’s stopping work occasionally to reel off an impromptu copla or two. Far more likely he witnessed the disturbance of a wasps nest.

Here’s the schedule of events, courtesy of the Turre townhall:

Día 24 de Julio de 2014 /  24 de julio

19:00 h. Juegos infantiles. / Kid games.

20:30 h. Concurso Crónicas Carnívoras /  “Man vs Food” competition.

22,00 h. Proyección: Orígenes y Tradiciones olvidadas de Turre Viejo /  Film: “Origen y tradiciones olvidadas de Turre Viejo”.

23,00 h. Concurso de baile. /  Dance competition.

00,00 h. Fiesta Jahr 60-70-80. /  1960, 1970 y 1980’s dance.

Día 25 de Julio /  25 de julio

19,30 h. Cintas infantiles. /  Kids ribbon race.

21,00 h. Misa Flamenca y Procesión. /  Mass, with Procession and flamenco.

23,00 h. Pregón y Coronación. /  Festival pregón and the Coronation.

Verbena y una continuacion. /  More flamenco style dancing

Día 26 de Julio de 2014 /  26 de julio

21,30 h. V Certamen de Cante Flamenco “Las Fraguas” de Turre (Selección 2a). /  Turre Fifth Flamenco competition “Las Fraguas” (second selection).

Official poster of the gitano fiesta 2014
Official poster of the gitano fiesta 2014

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