Six British homes in Albox face demolition

A case deciding upon demolition orders for six British owned homes in Albox has started, in which their builders face up to four years apiece in jail.

The homes, all owned by British families, are in urbanisation Las Palmeras de Albox, near Llanos de los Olleres.

The ex-Councillor for Building of Albox was facing charges in this case, but his recent death means he’s out of the court case.

H.A.G. and A.G.G., owners of local builders Construcciones Alto Almanzora, have been charged, along with the two architects who signed off on the plans, despite all of them knowing that the homes were being built on illegal land. The ex-Councillor was facing charges of allowing the homes to be connected to utilities despite being illegal.

The case is expected to last until Friday in penal court number 2 of Almería. The owners of the homes have lodged requests for compensation against the builders.

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