Vera bans nudism (turns out it’s an accident)

Vera has approved a new series of public behaviour bylaws, that, amongst other things, forbids public nudism and top less beach bathing.

Trouble is, Vera is the nudism capital of the Levante. So the article in question specifically made a reference to another article of exemptions.

But as is the way in this world, somebody forgot to add the phrase “except on the beach” in the exceptions. Nobody noticed until it was too late.

So the bylaws, which have now been voted in and published (but aren’t active until next month) are effectively ordering the closure of the nudism beaches. Despite last year having backed the Guinness World Record attempt for most naked bottoms on a beach.

Mayor of Vera Carmelo (ironically enough, he’s an optician – didn’t see this one coming, did he?) says it’s a genuine mistake and is discussing with the lawyers on how to make amendments to the recently approved bylaws. He explains that the bylaws prohibiting nudism and topless are only supposed to apply to urban areas, not the beaches.

Anger and sarcasm via La Voz.

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