Three arrested for animal cruelty to Capitan the donkey in Almeria

Capitan the donkey was a little African ass that was found, malnourished and badly treated, wandering the poorer section of Almeria city. The locals of the area, despite not being known for cooperating with the police, did call them several times to report the animal, and the fact that wandering gangs of kids kept attacking it.

Vera bans nudism (turns out it’s an accident)

Vera has approved a new series of public behaviour bylaws, that, amongst other things, forbids public nudism and top less beach bathing. Trouble is, Vera is the nudism capital of the Levante. So the article in question specifically made a reference to another article of exemptions. But as is the way in this world, somebody forgot to add the phrase “except on the beach” in the exceptions. Nobody noticed until it was too late. So Continue reading Vera bans nudism (turns out it’s an accident)