Los Gallardos building a new theatre

A new theatre is being built in Los Gallardos.

Costing €180,000 the works are being underwritten by the townhall, and it’s the building work next to the entrance to Huerta Nueva.

Theatre Los Gallardos building works
Building the new Los Gallardos theatre

The photo would have been clearer, but a young gentleman of unmarried parents in a van behind me was disconcerted by the fact that I’d stopped at a Stop sign, and leant on his horn to encourage me to shift my ass out of the way.

Emilio Ruiz reckons that the theatre has always been a cornerstone of Los Gallardos, with a theatre group being founded right back when it was still a hamlet of Bédar.

And the annual Los Gallardos Theatre Week (what?) is, it seems, in its 32nd year. Franco wasn’t big on the theatre, and had anyone dressed up in drag shot, so there wasn’t a lot of it about during the Franco years, but it came back with a vengeance once the new Constitution that banned torture came into force.

There is a suspicious lack of promotional material onsite announcing the works, which makes me wonder where the cash is coming from. It must be entirely underwritten by the townhall, as the rest of the layers of government in Spain force you to put up hundreds of billboards announcing how great they are.

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  1. I really cant understand how the town hall can justify spending out on such a project when there is a multi-sport centre next to the football pitch sitting unused and a brand new day centre in Huerta Nueva that has never opened. Both because of lack of fund. Why build something without the means to keep it running or is it a fiendishly clever way of keeping builders in business?

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