Local water declared drinkable

The Department of Health (sanidad) has issued a unified declaration of potability for the water of Galasa across the Levante.

It comes after an extensive period of government testing of water at 83 urban centres across Carboneras, Mojácar, Turre, Antas, Arboleas, Cuevas del Almanzora, Garrucha, Huércal-Overa, Los Gallardos, Pulpí, Zurgena & Bédar.

Galasa water – high in mineral content- has been swinging in and out of potability for years, depending on how much crud from the dams they’ve been pumping in.

Whether this is a true fact, or simply the politicians responding to the threat of consumer action via the courts, god only knows. I doubt Galasa have updated their system much, and I also doubt that they’ve touched the water distribution systems in towns.

So what they’ve done is said that the water in the town deposits is drinkable. Once it’s gone through all the old pipes in your town to your tap, it’s the luck of the draw…

It’s also a sad state of my general outlook on Spanish politicians that my first reaction was disbelief and suspicion! Whatever happened to my faith in public administration?

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  1. Hmmm – we live in Alfaix and had a friend staying recently who filled the kettle with tap water for tea. She didn’t notice any difference but I certainly did and while it may be drinkable – nice it certainly ain’t!

  2. Need to know from where the samples were taken in Turre, did they include the ‘fuente?

    The full analysis should be published to substantiate their claim that the water is drinkable!

  3. At a recent meeting with the residents of Agua Nueva, Turre, they were told that Turre Town Hall could not provide the Department of Health with the necessary paperwork and were consequently fined 900 Euros, so on what basis are they saying that the water in Turre is potable?

  4. I assume the inclusion of Turre into the potability list is bollocks. What they’re saying is that the water Galasa supplies to Turre is potable – but then it’s dumped into a reservoir along with the well water, and goes through ancient concrete / lead pipes, and comes out black.
    The fuente comes from a different source. I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

  5. That was a typo

    I meant potability
    Why the fuss about drinking mains water.
    It is expensive to get water polished to potable quality, the customer pays in money, the environment pays in resource wastage and then most of it is used to flush the bog.

    So long as it is clean and odourless it is fine. You need a couple of litres a day to drink.

  6. Yes, but it’s less harmful to the environment to get the mains drinking water up to scratch than it is for thousands of people to buy bottled water every day!

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  8. Definitely get the tap water near enough and filter the bit you want to drink, I wouldn’t drink water that’s been through a pipe straight from the tap… Lead… Plastic… Copper, they’re all poisonous and that’s without the flouoride, aluminium etc that gets added to it on purpose.

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