Mojacar fines family 500€ for drinking WATER on the beach

As part of Rosmari’s attempt to eradicate fun from the face of the world (or at least Mojacar), her policia local have fined a ground of youths 500€ for daring to drink water on the beach. reports that the three men and two women, all family, had been in Mojácar to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of their grandparents in a local hotel. They live in Murcia and had come down for the night.

After the meal had ended, they decided to go to a local disco, and parked up in the carpark outside, which is on the beach.

As there was a queue to get in (despite this being about 3 in the morning), the cousins, who weren’t drinking alcohol, stood by their cars and were sharing a couple of bottles of water when the locales turned up, and fined them 500€ for drinking on the beach.

When challenged that they weren’t drinking alcohol, and were in no way being rowdy, the locales replied that nowhere do the rules say that alcohol has to be involved.

Mojacar’s draconian laws simply say: la permanencia y concentración de personas que se encuentren consumiendo bebida o realizando otras actividades que pongan en peligro la pacífica convivencia ciudadana fuera de las zonas del término municipal que el Ayuntamiento haya establecido como permitidas,

(Grouping and staying of people who are found to be drinking or realising any other activity which puts in danger the pacific life of citizens outside of the zones of the town which the townhall has permitted for these activities).

In fact, according to the complaint filed by the cousins, the police not only refused to discuss the matter, they became verbally arrogant, warned the group “they could fine them for discussing Rimmel (makeup) in public if they wanted to, as you are five people or more which is illegal” and threatened to call for backup and have them arrested.

J.A., one of the youths, showing the pack of water in the back of his car

The group were so infuriated that they drove to a nearby Guardia Civil traffic checkpoint and underwent a breath test to prove they hadn’t been drinking alcohol. The Guardia, although they couldn’t give them an official receipt, did let them use the big machine in the car which prints off a written record with the timestamp, proving that the youths had no alcohol in their bloodstream.

Before leaving Mojacar the next day, the youths filed a formal complaint against the locales and insist that they intend to challenge the fine in court.

Mojacar townhall originally refused to discuss the matter, but later issued a statement to ideal newspaper saying that they are sure their police have acted according to the laws of the town.

9 Replies to “Mojacar fines family 500€ for drinking WATER on the beach”

  1. We warn all our holiday clients and friends to stay away from Mojacar and go to garrucha, Puerto rey and Vera playa. That’s since last year when a Spanish family got fined for the same thing last year

  2. Stupid drafting
    Ridiculous policing

    AND almost certainly an infringement of personal liberty –

    One hopes the court will move to make the Mojacar rule illegal. I also hope the victims get some compensation and an apology.

    One understands a move to reduce rowdyism but not at the expense of this.

    Every tour operater etc, every newspaper etc should be bombarded with your article

  3. This is the same town that wants more Russian tourists and any body else that will come. I agree hit them were it hurts in the tills, theres plenty to do elsewhere.

  4. Great comments, “hit them where it hurts in the tills” do you actually think that bar owners in Mojacar Playa that are trying to earn a living need to be punished because of the Mayoress and her rules. She is virtually driving away custom with her rules but what can the bar owners do? I’m sure the Mayoress couldn’t care less how many people visit the Playa she is only interested in the Pueblo.

  5. Just goes to show how much Mojacar has gone down hill. Absolutely beautiful place.. Love spending my time there but its the guardia and policia that ruin it for everyone.. especially if your english.. youre more of a target. Last time I went into Mojacar for a night out, it got to 12pm and the Mayoress wanted the music turning off. Surely you would want people coming into Mojacar. Makes no sense.

  6. Hi! Sorry this is not related to the above but thought would be a great place to ask some advice. Does anyone know if you can have a fire on the beach in mojacor?


  7. There is a festival which usually is the weekend near 23rd June and celebrates the birthday of Saint John, where bonfires and bbq are allowed on the beach. Other than then I think not or at least I have never seen people having them there nor remnants. It is a beautiful beach with plenty of bins and recently when I was there people had left rubbish including a used nappy. I think people who use the beaches anywhere, in fact, ought to respect the rights of others to use them in as beautiful a condition as possible and take their rubbish home or bin it. So if you do decide to chance it and party qt night please tidy up the beach before you leave.

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