Sick leave to be slashed

A new law is being prepared which aims to slash the average length of sick leave.

It’s primarily, as the government admits, a cost cutting measure aimed at reducing the bill for covering absent workers, but also the paperwork involved.

The idea behind the bill is to draw up an average of time off for many different common illnesses. If you exceed this average, your sick leave automatically stops unless doctors & the company insurance plan agree you have something else.

So say you have man flu. You pop down to your doctor, he checks his chart and says right, that’s three days off. End of story. After three days you either go back to work, or convince him you’ve got another bug. But you don’t have to file all the baja / alta paperwork nonsense you do at the moment.

The law should be ready after the summer, although implementation will take some negotiating with the regions of Spain.

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