Choose your own sex! Andalucia first region to allow free gender identity

Being male or female will soon be just a question of ticking a box on an application form, as a new law currently going through the Andalucian Parliament will allow transsexuals to choose their own gender.

Currently, a battery of medical and psychiatric reports are required for the government to accept that you’ve changed your gender.

But, “following international medical guidelines” the Parliament is expected to vote through a radical new law that says the individual has the right to choose their own gender.

Anyone resident in Andalucia will be able to change their gender at will, it seems.

The draft law has now been approved by all three major parties in the Parliament and will be debated on the 25th of June. It’s expected to sail through.

There’s a proviso : the law will provisionally last for two years!

A special committee of politicians, doctors and transsexuals is to be setup to monitor the process. If no serious problems are flagged up, the law will continue.

The new law also changes a few health and education thingies, and tightens up abuse of minors in public care, making schools more responsible for bullying.

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