The Cabezo Maria hermitage in Antas

It’s the famous hermitage you can see on top of the hill outside Antas from miles around. The hill is actually the remains of the central lava column of an ancient volcano. The rest of the volcano has eroded away, leaving only the central lava spike, on top of which a shrine was erected. The lava flow from this hill can actually be traced all the way down to the sea – it can appears Continue reading The Cabezo Maria hermitage in Antas

Local water declared drinkable

The Department of Health (sanidad) has issued a unified declaration of potability for the water of Galasa across the Levante. It comes after an extensive period of government testing of water at 83 urban centres across Carboneras, Mojácar, Turre, Antas, Arboleas, Cuevas del Almanzora, Garrucha, Huércal-Overa, Los Gallardos, Pulpí, Zurgena & Bédar.

Worlds largest mosque to be built in Barcelona city centre?

There has been outrage today as plans to build one of the world’s largest mosques in Barcelona city centre were unveiled. The plan is to rebuild the iconic (and now unused) bullring in the centre of the city. Tamim bin Hamad Al Zani, the Jefe in chief of Qatar, who also sponsors Barça, the local football team, has offered the eye watering amount of 2,2 billion euros to build the mosque.

Local telephone robbery leads cops to a large gang

The theft of 30 phones during a breakin at our local telephone shop in Vera has lead the Guardia Civil to break up a large gang of locals who specialised in the theft and sale of phones and tablets. 18 people have been arrested, ranging from local phone “snatchers” who pinch phones off the unwary to techies who reset the phones to the local fences who were flogging them off for just €50 each at Continue reading Local telephone robbery leads cops to a large gang

Sick leave to be slashed

A new law is being prepared which aims to slash the average length of sick leave. It’s primarily, as the government admits, a cost cutting measure aimed at reducing the bill for covering absent workers, but also the paperwork involved. The idea behind the bill is to draw up an average of time off for many different common illnesses. If you exceed this average, your sick leave automatically stops unless doctors & the company insurance Continue reading Sick leave to be slashed

59 tortoises freed from a local smuggler

Our local tortoise, the tortuga greca, is, despite being everywhere, in danger of extinction. Despite that, it seems some cheeky chappies think nothing of roaming the hills, filling bags with them, and then flogging them over the internet. The Coppers tracked down the smugglers via the adverts they were placing online, arranged to meet them to pick up an specimen, and nicked them. Two people have been arrested, and a total of 59 tortoises freed, Continue reading 59 tortoises freed from a local smuggler

Mercadona soya milk… may contain real milk.

Whoops. Mercadona has issued an urgent recall of the Soya Milk it sells, as it may contain traces of real milk. Soya Milk is popular with the lactose intolerant as it doesn’t actually contain milk. The affect products are Hacendado Soya Milk with product codes L-4BXXXX 2504SS & L-4BXXXX 2404SS with expiry dates 22/08/2014 & 23/08/2014. If you have any of this stuff, don’t drink it if you’re allergic to milk and take it back. Continue reading Mercadona soya milk… may contain real milk.