Well, that was a bloodbath for the big parties

5 million voters abandoned the two big Spanish national parties in yesterday’s EU vote. If we carry this over to the national elections next year, we’re looking at the end of the two party state in Spain.

Only about 49% of the population voted for PP or PSOE, against 81% in the 2009 EU elections.

The difference between the two parties has closed, as both are become reduced to their core members, with the PP leading the PSOE by about 3%. Both have lost about 16% of the national vote.

It’s being called a debacle by the press. And a coalition national government looks even more likely in the next national election.

The big surprise was the sudden appearance of Podemos, “we can”, the centre protest party lead by TV star Pablo Iglesias, which got 7.93% of the national vote (and 5 MEPs), followed by number four national party UPyD, which got 4 MEPs and 6.5% of the national vote.

Izquierda Unida, the left wing coalition, saw big gains – here in Almeria it’s tripled its share of the vote.

Here in Almeria, the PP was ahead by 3% over the PSOE, but it’s the only Andalucian province to vote for the PP – the PSOE still manages to win in the rest of the region. You couldn’t get the PSOE out with a big stick.

Again, both saw the national trend of losing a massive number of voters. Behind them we saw IU with 7.6%, UPyD with 6.6% and Podemos with 5.6%.

Want to see how people voted on a town by town basis? Check out the official website here.

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