Smooth FM returns to the airwaves with new owner

Albox residents will be able to enjoy a new radio station next week! Grant writes in to tell me that:

Smooth FM is returning to FM in Albox on 89.8 from 2 June. “New shows” and a “new format” are promised for the re-launch.

The station has a new owner, Ray Peters, who moved from Majorca to Arboleas at the end of last year.

Longtime presenter Mark Deakin is leaving and presents his last regular lunchtime show this Thursday. Sad to see the area’s best radio DJ coming off-air after years of hard work creating a proper community radio station for ex-pats in Albox.

You’ll remember that the Authorities shut down Smooth Fm on it’s old 90.8FM channel after a misunderstanding with a neighbouring country.

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  1. Puppy Rescue Charity have been running for 10 years and are holding an event on Saturday 21st May to celebrate this achievement. Would Smooth FM be available on this evening to do a disco for the charity? The Buffet and we hope a local singer etc will be held at Malone’s bar in Albox. All the arrangements as only just being started and I can send you full detals once sorted.
    I do hope you can help.

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