Head of Madrid Uni pathology dept fired over basement full of bodies scandal

Spain’s premier uni, the Complutense de Madrid, is embroiled in a huge scandal after several basements full of human remains were found.

It’s a fairly bizarre story.

The human remains are bodies donated to science and which are supposed to be used to train doctors and surgeons.

Trouble is, it seems they’ve been accumulating, and instead of being put into the morgues, the human bodies have been building up in the basements of the anatomy basement. Well over 200 of them, plus many more bits and limbs.

There were so many that the department was “leasing out” the human bodies to other universities and private companies for about €750 a body.

What’s even stranger, is that the “basement of horrors” was found by an Inspector of Work investigating a complaint about dangerous working conditions in the morgue. He opened the door and was immediately sick.

Over 250 full and partial bodies were piled up in what has been delicately described as “unsanitary conditions”. It seems they were “drying out” prior to cremation, in order to empty out the freezers to make room for more bodies.

Each body is injected with 20 litres of preservation liquid upon arrival. This did not stop the smell building up, as you can imagine. I skip over further details, having recently eaten.

Nobody is quite sure if a crime has been committed or not. The basements have been sealed until they can be cleaned and a full investigation has been opened.

Meanwhile, José Ramón Mérida has been fired from his position as head of Anatomía y Embriología Humana II at the Uni. He was the man who apparently was in charge of the unit.

José told reporters that the problem started after the operator of the units cremation oven retired and no substitute could be found.

The Spanish press have been running disgusting videos and photos all day of putrefying body parts –  I delicately skip over these. El Mundo has a good video over here.

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