Coca Cola in hot water after hiring alledged terrorist for advert

Coke’s in trouble after the star of its latest Spanish TV advert turns out to be a militant of Herraria Basque and sympathiser of the military separation of the Basque Country.

Daniel Portero, head of the Movement for Dignity and Justice, a victim of Basque terrorism support group, spluttered into his morning cocoa-pops after seeing Gotzon Sánchez starring in the latest Coke ad, and has started to make a big a fuss as possible.

I’m not entirely sure what alleged crime Gotzon is supposed to have committed, other than publicly supporting Herrira, the political party banned by the Supreme Court for being a front for ETA, the basque terrorist group, and leading demonstrations asking for the release of Basque terrorists.

It’s not as if anybody has accused him of actually planting the bombs, just speaking up for those that did. They’re called the abertzale, the radical nationalist left wing political agitators of the Basque Country, and it seems Gotzon is a proud member.

Not Dave Gormon – It’s Gotzon Sánchez asking for peace in his home country. Or is it Dave Gormon?

But Coke is unpopular at the moment, as it’s embroiled in the firing of hundreds of staffs in a cost cutting measure, and any chance for a bit of fun.

Daniel, who setup the Movement after his father, a well known government lawyer in the Basque Country, was kidnapped by ETA and “executed” by two point blank shots to the head back in 2000, is asking Coke if they know whether the salary they paid Gotzon is probably going straight back to murderers and terrorists.

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