Aged between 18-29, in Andalusia and looking for a job?

Great news! The Junta is spending another few million of my tax money to make you feel as if you’ve a chance of a job!

It’s called Programa Emple@Joven (always exciting when the name’s got an @ in it, looks funky and modern!) and the Junta de Andalucia says “it’s the first phase of the implementation across the Autonomous Community of Andalusia of the Youth Guarantee System”.

What this double-speak actually means is that they’re giving the bono joven another try.

The bono joven programme ended last month, and spent about 5 million euros finding jobs for 75 youths. Seriously. The paperwork was so complicated that only trainee lawyers and gestores understood the paperwork, and companies couldn’t be arsed.

So they’ve given it a makeover and are trying again.

It’s split into several job creation schemes. Some aim to get graduates into work, setup youth training schemes, etc. All a load of bollocks really, read it here.

Somewhat more interestingly, and on the sly, they’ve slipped in a round of cash (a whopping €173.947.500!) for townhalls to directly employ youths for short term projects such as cleaning roads, painting walls, etc. It’s about as much as any andaluz can aspire to, nowadays, and give thanks to a) Europe for sending down the cheque and b) the politicians for not stealing all of the money this time.

Turre will get 83,000€, for example. Full list here, if you’re interested.

Fancy your chances under the scheme?

Well, of course, you still have to jump through the hoops – in order to show they’re reducing the unemployment lists, you first have to sign onto the unemployment list, and get your bono joven. Then find a job.


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