Worlds oldest self portraint found in Almeria province

The worlds oldest self portrait, a cave painting some 23,000 years old, has been found in a cave in the north of Almería.

The discovery was made in a cave called La Cueva del Ambrosio near Velez Blanco in 2008 by two archaeologists, Sergio Ripoll and Francisco Javier Muñoz, both professors at Madrid’s UNED university.

But the discovery has only just been announced, in a scientific article published during the Congreso Internacional el Solutrense, dedicated to discussing such matters.

It’s not easy to make out the figure, which the two professors claim shows a face similar to that of modern Caucasians.

Other specialists reckon it’s bollocks, and that the two professors have been duped by someone tracing round natural rock formations.

What is unquestionable is that the cave is full of ancient cave paintings, with at least 30 well preserved horses, birds and bisons shown there.

If confirmed, this would not only be the oldest known “self portrait” but also an entirely new type of cave painting, never known before.

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