Only three Spanish political parties pass Transparency International test

Only three Spanish political parties have passed the stringent tests set by international anti-corruption organisation Transparency International.

And PP and the PSOE aren’t in the list : the PP scored just 4 out of 10, and the PSOE a dismal 3. Last thing any of them want is for any nosey citizen to start adding up their sums….

UPyD sails into the lead with a score of 9 out of 10. IU and ERC just scrape by with a score of 6 and 5.5 each.

The full list:

PP (4,5), PSOE (3), EAJ-PNV (2,5), CC (1,5), C’s (3), Equo (4,5), CDC (3,5) y UDC (2,5)

The parties were scored on how accessible their accounts are to the general public, on whether they were up to date on their financial disclosure obligations, publication of basic details about their links to foundations, associations and other NGO’s, and the voluntary disclosure of party members who are involved in corruption investigations.

However, none of the parties passed such tests as full biographical disclosures of their candidates, publication of description of internal disciplinary controls, or their detailed accounts of election spending.

Spain overall fell 10 places in the list of the worlds most corrupt countries for 2013, according to the same organisation.

Full results over here.

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