Mojacar’s plan to give all townhall workers €1000 scuppered

Rosmari had a plan to give all of her workers in Mojacar townhall a “bonus” of €1,000 this year, but this has now been scuppered after it was ruled to be illegal.

The general consensus is that this was a cheap electioneering trick by Rosmari to buy votes ahead of the 2015 elections.

OK, not that cheap – it would have cost the townhall €139,000, hardly a trifling sum for a townhall which already has some of the highest proportional politician wages in Spain.

Anyway, the opposition parties, who weren’t going to get the €1,000 all clubbed together and filed a complaint about this.

The plan has been scuppered by the Office of the Government Delegate for Almeria, who it seems has overall power in these matters, which has ruled that “without entering into the arguments positioned by each party, it is true that this decision must be ruled null and void due to the difference in salary between last year and this”.

In other words – no.

Rosmari still comes out on top, as she quickly issued a communiqué to the townhall workers withdrawing her earlier decision and blaming it all on the opposition parties:

“This money would have been very welcome by all parties, some people have already spent it on doing up there kitchen or whatnot… If certain people had not meddled and filed complaints, today everyone would have had in their back pockets this extra €1,000”.

Which, seeing as to how the government has ruled the bonus was illegal, is Dirty Tricks.

Of course, when she dreamt up the scheme, she knew she was going to win either way…. the best thing for her was for the scheme to be stopped after complaints, and then she didn’t have to find the money, and still came out on top, with a faint smell lingering to the opposition agua fiestas.

More comments from the relevant parties over at Teleprensa.

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