Turre gives in over water – it will all come from Galasa

Turre townhall has caved in and announced that all water in the town will, from the end of this week, be supplied by Galasa.

It´s not a solution to the major problems affecting the town water supplies, but it’s a first step.

The major problem with the third world quality of water supplied to most of Turre is that it comes from a reservoir up behind the village that’s filled from local wells.

When the wells run dry -which they do quite often – the level drops and all the muck gets into the system. Turre then tops up the reservoir with Galasa water, flushing yet more muck into the pipes.

By ensuring a constant supply of Galasa water, they’re stopping this emptying and refilling phase which keeps bringing muck into the system.

However, it’s not addressing the problem of ancient lead and steel pipes that cause so much trouble with the water.

Nor is it addressing the fact that the water costs so much more than in other towns – the townhall bills for the water, not Galasa, and is supposed to maintain the infrastructure.

But so many people have cracked their meters that the money coming in doesn’t pay for it all, causing repairs not to be carried out, and the price to spiral ever upwards.

So basically, the water is still going to be crap, and unsafe for human consumption, because the infrastructure is ancient and polluting our water.

Don't drink the water, don't cook with the water, just pay through the nose for it
Don’t drink the water, don’t cook with the water, just pay through the nose for it

No news on when that will be repaired. The town has more important things to spend its money on, like a new football field….

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