Power lines caused both recent major fires

Downed power lines caused both recent major fires in Almeria province, according to the official INFOCA investigation into the cause of the blazes which destroyed almost 6,000 ha of forest and scrub.

The usual blight of unnecessary, badly maintained, unsightly Endesa power lines that run riot over the province have again caused major disruption. (Not a fan of the company).

In both the Sorbas and the Gádor fires, it seems that falling branches caught secondary power lines which set the place alight. Tinder dry conditions and high winds did the rest.

Meanwhile, a third fire which burnt 30 ha in Somontín last month was caused by a BBQ which got out of control.

Another small fire in Partaloa was caused by a lightening strike, and another fire in Carboneras which burnt 29 ha was caused by a farmers bonfire.

No news yet on the cause of the recent Macenas fire.

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