Don’t know who to vote for in the EU elections?

It’s the EU elections in a fortnight, and we have a bizarre and overwhelming choice of parties to choose from.

Of course, with abstention looking to soar up past 65%, just a handful of votes will decide who gets to ride the EU gravy train for the next four years.

Still, if you’re stuck, try out this friendly little EU elections 2014 calculator (for Spain, but available in English).

It asks you lots of impertinent questions and then suggests who you should vote for in the upcoming elections.

I’m not entirely sure about it : it told me to vote for esquerra republicana, ERC., the Republican Left of Catalunya. (They must be fairly right-wing on the old economy). They weren’t high on my list of possible candidates, but hey, the computer is never wrong (unless the data fed in are wrong, of course!)

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  1. David your sense of humour always makes me smile. …..I hope you are well. …keep on blogging

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